Glass Service’s Erik Muijsenberg has won the Michael Garvey Award for the best paper at last week’s Furnace Solutions 9 conference.

Mr Muijsenberg (pictured left of photo) presented a 30-minute paper titled ‘Complete model-based control of glass production’ to more than 90 conference delegates.

He told delegates that he had attended eight of the nine Furnace Solutions events and that all of them had been informative conferences. the day long conference is organised by the UK's Sociey of Glass technology, which is based in Sheffield.

Other speakers at the event in Lucideon, Stoke-on-Trent, UK included BOC’s Neil Simpson who discussed BOC Hotspot Boosting for flexible operations and security of glass.

There were 10 papers in total at the Thursday event and also included Ardagh’s Sven-Roger Kahl who spoke about ‘Container glassmaking at high cullet levels – potentials, challenges and perspectives’ and Dr. Phillip Zippe, of Germany’s Zippe who presented a paper titled ‘Hot batch – the future of batch preparation’.

A review of the conference will appear in a forthcoming issue of Glass International.

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