Industry experts have joined together to form the Usable Glass Strength Coalition (UGSC).

The UGSC will focus on basic research in the area of glass strength properties and is made up of members from the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) and other industry representatives.

The group will advance, develop and promote fundamental, pre-competitive research applicable to increase the usable strength of glass across all glass sectors (container, flat, speciality, fibre).

It will also provide an opportunity for glass researchers to develop expertise in areas suitable for industrial applications; and to develop tools and measurement techniques for the advancement of glass science.

The coalition intends to fund and guide the research programme and build on the outcomes of the programme to allow development and commercialisation activities outside and apart from the coalition to the individual members.

The group will host its inaugural board of directors meeting in January 2013, to finalise an operating plan.

Anyone interested should contact the interim chairman of the board, Doug Trenkamp at or GMIC Executive Director Bob Lipetz at