Glass melting is one of the most important and energy intensive processes in the manufacturing of glass products, consuming 60 to 70% of the total energy used in glass production.

The melting furnace must run as a clock and to do that, the design and engineering of a melting furnace are key points.

Recently Italian furnace provider FalorniTech has concluded the engineering design process for Grupo Pavisa in Mexico and Azar Mehr Co of Iran.

Each project had different situations with various goals managed by the Head of the Technical Office, Mr. Biagio Bifano, and his team.

Both projects had the same approach: first of all understand the problems by an accurate preliminary study, then begin the design process with creativity in generating new ideas that may solve the problem much more than just a systematic application of rules and theory.

Mr Bifano (pictured) said: “With regard to Grupo Pavisa, we rebuilt the melting furnace designing the entire furnace and the gathering bay system with particular solutions aimed to assure maximum homogeneity of the temperature to avoid defects in response to the high quality glass of customer.

"In regards to the Azar Mehr project we supplied a design for a flexible furnace which was easy to use as it is provided with a single production line as per the customer’s choice.

“But the design is already set for implementation of the second process line if the customer would like to have it in the future”.