Production of glass packaging for food and beverage in Europe continues to grow according to latest figures published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE).

Packaging production increased by 2.0% in tonnes and 1.9% in units (representing an increase of 748 million units) in the first half year 2019.

This corresponds to the best performance over the past 4 years. From 2016-2019, half year production increased by 3.5%.

Paul Sammon, Industry Lead at Vivid Economics which reports and analyses data for FEVE, said:

“The increase in growth suggests the sector remains an attractive one for customers and investors and that container glass will be central to a sustainable, circular economy.”

Michel Giannuzzi, President of FEVE added: “Today, growth opportunities for brands are into the ability to combine what is good for the environment with what is good for consumers.

“This increased demand for glass reflects the increasing consumer quest for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle also when it comes to packaging choice.”