Fives has launched a subfolder site Glass, answering its new strategy to focus on greener glass manufacturing technologies.

The new website is structured around four main axes that aim to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, enhance operating life, as well as minimise downtime and maintenance costs:

- Melting: E-melting and E-boosting systems, oxy-fuel and hybrid furnaces

- Conditioning: glass conditioning systems, including working ends and forehearths

- Float process: expertise, hot-ends, annealing lehrs and standalone equipment

- Pre-engineering contracts, revamp projects and operational support

The key message is focused on greener glass manufacturing technologies. The majority of emissions from the glass manufacturing process arise from burning fossil fuels.

Replacing fossil fuels with green electricity can eliminate these pollutants, creating a sustainable manufacturing process.

The focus is on a flexible hybrid furnace - Prium Eco-Flex with Heat Recovery Area technology that allows to achieve up to 80% electric boosting, therefore reducing emissions by up to 60%.

The furnace can use up to 80% recycled glass for much greener glass manufacturing. Technologies exists to make glass production more environmentally friendly.

Fives began developing the glass business in 1989 following the acquisition of several companies: Fourment-Ladurée (glass melting furnaces) in 1989, BH-F (glass conditioning and delivery equipment) in 1993, Belgium Glass Equipment (tin bath equipment for float glass) in 1997 and Penelectro (electric melting furnaces) in 1999.

Its glass business today serves all glass sectors: flat, container, fibre, cosmetic, tableware, pharmaceutical.