Forglass has designed and built a cullet treatment system for Saint-Gobain's glass plant in Eggborough, UK.

In addition to improvements in melting technologies, Forglass is also developing batch plant solutions to meet the evolving needs of glass producers.

Saint-Gobain recently turned to Forglass with the request to design, fabricate, and install a treatment system for a particularly challenging type of float glass cullet.

The design of the Forglass Cullet Treatment System allows it to be built as an integral part of a glassworks’ complete cullet management and transport system – as is the case for this client.

It can also function completely independently, as a standalone system, including cullet storage and fully automatic weighing.

The Forglass cullet treatment system began with design, engineering, and modelling. Then it continued with testing, installation, and start-up - all the way to maintenance and support.

Cullet systems that include sorting and purifying are becoming increasingly critical, so the demand for such systems is growing.