Forglass has partnered with Mexican machinery supplier Graphiteglass to expand its operations into Mexico and Central America.

Graphiteglass is one of the top sellers of forming machines and other glass production equipment in Mexico.

With over 25 years of experience in the glass industry, it represents some of the most recognised worldwide brands and supports clients in Mexico and Central America.

Reputation is of paramount importance in this business, and Forglass is happy to be represented by two of the most reputable experts in Central America: Gerardo Gil de Partearroyo and Luis Pablo Duron Loaiza (see photo above).

They will represent the full range of glass melting technologies, furnaces, batch plants and machinery engineered and produced by Forglass.

The next 10 years are sure to be very interesting for Forglass, as its new technologies for reducing energy consumption are implemented into furnace designs.

In the face of rapidly rising energy costs, the timing of this partnership is particularly important as energy-saving technologies are urgently needed by the global glass industry.

It seems quite fortunate for Forglass that this new period coincides with its entrance into the Mexican and Central American market.

Both companies said that they are looking forward to a fruitful partnership.