Forglass addressed critical challenges facing the glass industry in its latest conference for glass producers.

The conference focused on Alternative Energy Sources for Melting Glass and Lowering Energy Consumption in Glass Furnaces.

Forglass invited its clients and suppliers to look at the existing options in terms of alternative fuels for combustion furnaces, an issue that has become crucial in the face of war in Ukraine and the risk of cutting off the supply of gas from Russia.

The topic could not have been more timely, as the day wasn’t even over before news of Russia’s decision to drastically reduce the delivery of gas to Poland and Bulgaria was announced by the media.

The conversation quickly turned from considering production options to ensuring that furnaces wouldn’t freeze when the gas supply was suddenly cut off.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to looking at technologies for lowering energy consumption in glass furnaces.

In this area, Forglass has benefitted from its R&D programs, including extensive mathematical modelling and the company’s experimental furnace, in which many of Forglass’ innovations have been tested.

The invited guests openly shared their experiences with a variety of solutions and the open dialog format allowed everyone to be heard, benefitting all those present.

With the success of the first conference of this type, Forglass plans to continue the tradition and hopes that even more glass producers will participate in upcoming editions.