Polish engineering company Forglass has celebrated the opening of an expanded and modernised production plant.

The plant near Częstochowa, Poland, will be used to manufacture batch plant machinery and steel structures for batch plants and furnaces.

Forglass generally produces its own equipment, but more importantly, having a robust design office allows the company to design atypical devices, or to make design changes tailored to the client’s needs.

Having its own production facility affords the company not only better quality control, but also quick response to clients’ needs, especially with short delivery schedules or in emergencies.

The expansion of the production plant was aimed at increasing production capacity and expanding the scope of production with large-scale constructions and devices.

The production area has been increased threefold, and the production process itself has been optimised according to the highest world standards.

The new assembly department allows clients to participate in testing the equipment prior to shipment and delivery.

The modern anti-corrosion and automated welding facilities assure work conditions in line with demanding global environmental standards.

In addition, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has been implemented to integrate all company departments in one digital environment.

ERP allows Forglass to track and control the smallest details at each stage of production and to archive the entire process.

What this means for the clients is, above all, safety and guarantee of completeness and timeliness of deliveries, and the required quality of the components.

Additionally, archiving of documentation improves prompt future service, such as supplying spare parts.

The system also enables immediate response from Forglass in case of emergencies.