Forglass and Wedge Consulting have forged a partnership in Italy.

Wedge Consulting founder Pietro Agnetti, whose company supports the hollow and technical glass producers in the area of hot end process optimisation, is experienced and well known in the glass industry, representing European manufacturers of machines and complete technology lines.

Forglass is an advanced technology company located in Poland and specialising in designing, computer modelling (CFD), engineering, testing, manufacturing and erecting glass furnaces and batch plants for producers of container, tableware and sodium silicate glass.

Additionally, the company provides hot repairs with very short glass-to-glass timelines and other time-critical repairs with its teams of highly trained technicians.

Forglass is committed to help glass producers save energy and reduce emissions by optimising furnace and forehearth design, as well as batch and cullet technology lines.

Starting in 2023, Pietro Agnetti will represent Forglass in Italy. He can be reached at or +39 345 186 5478.