Forglass presented it latest innovation to reduce energy consumption in the glass production process at a recent conference.

The Glass Industry 2023 science and technology conference in UstroĊ„, Poland, gathered the management, technical staff, technologists and representatives of the glass industry, as well as scientists from universities and science centres who collectively work for the needs of the glass industry.

Forglass was invited to present its latest solution to reduce energy consumption and emissions in the glass melting process, based on extensive research of energy parameters in glass furnaces, which the company designs and builds.

The head of Research & Development at Forglass presented the mathematical modelling studies that led to the development and, ultimately, successful launch of the Forglass Mixing Electrodes.

These are a revolutionary approach to accelerating the melting process by combining the functionality of electrodes and bubblers.

The synergy of the two processes offers incredible opportunities for constructing hybrid furnaces that these days have the full attention of virtually all glass producers.

Forglass Mixing Electrodes have gained considerable interest from the industry and, judging by the number of positive comments and inquiries received by Forglass, the participants of the Glass Industry 2023 conference were no exception.

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