Forglass has designed and produced the Melting End Main Gas Station - fully compliant with the European Standard EN 746-2 for industrial thermo-processing equipment and all safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems.

Forglass is normally known to European glass producers as the designer and builder of glass furnaces and batch plants.

What is less known is that Forglass is a multi-faceted engineering enterprise with experts in many areas of glass production, including the design, construction and delivery of much of the auxiliary equipment for glassworks, such as conveyors, crushers and gas combustion systems.

Equipped with control devices independent of the furnace control system, the Melting End Main Gas Station is also designed with several redundancies, including features like:

• Filtering, reducing and stabilizing gas pressure

• Measuring gas flow

• Regulating gas flow

• Cutting off the gas flow in case of an emergency

Its autonomous control systems are based on the safety PLC controllers (independent for each of the two lines).

These controllers are connected to transmitters and sensors of the furnace (pressure, temperature, air flow) and used solely for the purpose of ensuring safety – i.e. immediately shutting off the gas supply in an emergency.

The two redundant lines are fully independent, that is they do not share any measuring or executing devices.

The Melting End Main Gas Station is fabricated in Forglass’ own manufacturing facility in Poland, then shipped, installed, tested and commissioned at the client’s site in a matter of days.