Ian Robertson retired at the end of 2022 and Forglass held a farewell celebration for him.

The name Ian Robertson is synonymous with respect in the glass industry, to which Ian dedicated his entire career.

Forglass was fortunate in 2016 when Ian agreed to come out of his first retirement and become the company’s representative in the UK.

Ian literally made a leap of faith and staked his reputation on partnering with Forglass.

Forglass CEO, Piotr Knast said: "Ian’s contributions to our growth on the European market have been invaluable and I feel honoured that he decided to join our team six years ago.

"I also know that Ian can’t work forever and that the time has come for him to fully retire and enjoy the autumn of his life with family.

"We are grateful for everything he’s done for us and want him to remain part of the Forglass family forever."

There are currently no plans to replace Ian and all inquiries from the UK will be handled by the main office in Kraków, Poland.