Glass engineering group Forglass has created an app.

While the Polish company is well known as a supplier of glass melting technologies that include design and manufacture of furnaces and batch plants, its ForglassBox app is less well known.

ForglassBox is the first calculating engine that takes advantage of powerful processors in modern mobile devices and enables the glassworks technologists to perform complex, sophisticated calculations on a smartphone, which is always in their pocket.

ForglassBox – a smartphone app – allows the user to select specific raw materials and assumptions (limits) for batch and glass, according to its colour requirements, and it calculates the technological and physicochemical properties of these glasses.

The ForglassBox application has built-in “intelligence”, thanks to which it also corrects the chemical composition of the glass selected for calculations, if the selected raw materials make it impossible to obtain the assumed concentrations.

The aim of the developers of the application was to turn the modern smartphone into a handheld computing centre for the technologist.

Unlike the computer, a smartphone is a device that all people involved in the manufacture and processing of glass, as well as designers of equipment for the glass industry carry in their pocket and can access anywhere and at any time.

Forglass has always been on the forefront in supporting the glass industry, so having received many positive and constructive comments about ForglassBox following its release in 2021, the company has just announced that it will offer this industrial tool for a symbolic price of €1 (available for download in the Apple Store and on Google Play).

CEO, Piotr Knast said: “We never intended the app to be a profit generator. Our aim is to continue supporting glass producers and the industry in every way we can.

“ForglassBox demonstrates that in addition to designing and building furnaces and batch plants, Forglass provides them with strong technological support.”