Forglass, a European supplier of glass melting technologies, has won the greenfield project for a major international glass producer, which specialises in the production of brown beer bottles for customers across Europe, the USA and Canada.

The investor chose Forglass to design and deliver a new furnace and an entire batch plant.

The furnace, based on technology developed by Forglass (with full automation and safety systems, including gas supply), will deliver more than 400 tons of amber glass per day to three production lines.

Forglass technology ensures that the new furnace will be more environmentally-friendly due to low energy consumption and low emission of greenhouse gases.

The 750tpd batch plant will include raw material and cullet storage, dosing, mixing and batch transport, as well as the cullet return system, including two of the company’s solutions: the Selectable Grain Crusher and SmartScraper.

The client will enjoy a turn-key plant for glass production in its new factory in Poland, scheduled to be completed in 2022.