Two French glassmakers have re-started their production furnaces in this week.

Surging energy prices forced both Arc International and Duralex to shutdown their glass manufacturing ovens several months ago.

But both re-ignited their furnaces in the past week.

Tableware producer Arc International reignited its ovens in Arques, in Pas-de-Calais.

It ceased certain activities eight months ago, due to soaring gas prices.

The event was welcomed by Roland Lescure, French Minister Delegate for Industry, who attended the event.

"I am delighted today to see the company increase its production and successfully overcome this new ordeal, thanks to the mobilisation of its employees and its managers and its shareholder, supported by the State."

The Minister announced a new loan of €10 million for the glassworks, which will double an investment of €10 million from the shareholder, PHP.

Arc has nearly 7,500 employees, including 4,500 in France.

In addition to restarting its furnaces, the group has undertaken to decarbonise, with the objective of reducing annual CO2 emissions by 49 kt.

Elsewhere, tableware glass maker Duralex re-started production from its furnace at its La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin facility yesterday (Monday, April 17).

It had suffered a five-month shutdown.

Its CEO Jose Luis Llacuna said “I am very happy today to inform you all that, thanks to the efforts and resilience of our employees, the management team, our shareholder and the precious help of the French state, mobilized, Duralex is resuming its from 17 April its industrial production at its site in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin.”