Success story: fruit juice producer Valensina offers a new premium range in the glass bottle again.

The reasons are: "Growing acceptance of glass products among premium buyers" as well as the promise of "naturalness and pure taste". So says Valensina. Evident reasons can also be found at Verallia Deutschland.

The con­sumer wants to buy sparkling wine, wine or beer in a glass bottle. That has always been largely undisputed. It is different with fruit juices or mineral water: here, many providers had changed to P­ET. Recently, there has been a trend back towards glass.

Gerolsteiner, Bad Dürrheimer and Salvus report of sweeping successes with glass bottles for wat­er.

Valensina now presents a new premium range in the brand´s own glass bottle: 100% directly pressed fruit juices.

"Valensina is thus returning to the roots of the brand whose success story beg­an in a glass bottle in 1966," explains the juice producer.

According to Dr Janine Schweidler from the Marketing department at Veral­lia Deutschland, everything is fitti­ng together in Valensina´s "big comeback": "A valuable product in striking packaging – that is how brand personalities are produced.

"It is only logical that there be a positive trend for juices and other non-alcoholic drinks in glass. Thus, premium products are not only choice, but are also safely and sustainably packaged."