Plans for this year’s Training Day 5 and Furnace Solutions 12, hosted by Lucideon on the 7th and 8th of June are well underway and glassmakers or suppliers to the industry involved with the design, construction and maintenance of furnaces to achieve long campaigns should be interested in this year’s topics.

The organising committee of the SGT Melting Technology Committee is pleased to announce that Furnace Solutions 12 already has five new first time speakers from Electroglass, Fosbel, IRF, Lizmontagens and PaneraTech.

These international companies from the UK, USA, Italy and Portugal reinforce the conference’s reputation for strong industrial relevant papers attracting glass producers from the UK and overseas.

Training Day 5, which precedes Furnace Solutions 12, is also building up to be another strong event with practitioners speaking of their experience in repairing silica crowns, inspections and refractory selection.

Part of the day will also be spent looking forward to what techniques and technologies could be available to future glass engineers.

Attendees will be encouraged to share their experiences in this informal setting and to develop the personal contacts and relationships, which the SGT fosters.

Current confirmed sponsors of the conference are Calumite, FIC, Guardian Industries, DSF, Glass Futures, Honeywell and Lucideon.

Attendance is limited so the MTC encourages early bookings.