This years’ SGT Furnace Solutions and Training Day will take place at Lucideon in Stoke-on-Trent on the 7th and 8th June.

The SGT’s Melting Technical Committee has put together a packed schedule of papers and training sessions.

Furnace Solutions 12 has attracted 11 presenters: from the USA, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and the UK.

Papers will cover such diverse subjects as designing and monitoring the condition of the furnace to extend its life, the use of electricity to melt and condition glass, heat recovery, emission control and post mortem analysis of glass and refractory defects.

There will also be a paper from Glass Futures to provide a status report on the project to design, build and operate a 30MT/day manufacturing facility and discuss why this is important for glass manufacturers, researchers and equipment and material suppliers to the glass industry.

Training Day 5 has seven sessions run by respected UK engineers and technologist who, between them, have many practical years of running, maintaining and repairing glass furnaces. They want to pass on their knowledge and experience to young engineers.

Both the Training Day 5 and Furnace Solutions 12 are recognised by IOM3 as part of their Continuing Professional Development programme.

The Geoff Evans Dinner will be held on the Wednesday evening after the Training Day and provides a social and networking opportunity for delegates who have registered for both days or have booked overnight accommodation.

For more information visit the SGT web site