Furnace Solutions 8 will be held on Thursday 6th June 2013.

In response to requests from SGT and industry members a Refractories Training Day will be held on Wednesday 5th June 2013. Both events will be held at CERAM, in Stoke –on-Trent, UK.

The annual Furnace Solutions conferences have gained an international reputation for dealing entirely with ‘practical’ glassmaking subjects and attract speakers and delegates from glassmakers, furnace equipment and specialist materials suppliers from around the world.

This years topics include:
- Design and glass quality issues in Float furnaces
- Experiences and developments in the design and operation of Container melters
- Energy efficiency and melting cost reduction
- Developments in furnace refractories and repair techniques

The Refractories Training Day is a new venture:
- The objective is to provide an introduction into the properties and performance of these critical materials, which are so central to the glassmaking process
- The speakers are international experts in glassmaking refractories - representing several of the world's leading manufacturers
- Topics will include: Silica, Fusion-cast, Basic and Aluminosilicates - plus the testing and assessment of refractories for furnace usage
- It should be of interest to anyone involved in the design, operation and maintenance of glass furnaces.

Further details on the conference website: www.furnacesolutions.co.uk