The full programme for the Furnace Solutions conference in the UK in June has been completed.

It includes a number of professionals, from manufacturers and suppliers, who will discus the latest developments in the hot end of glass manufacturing.

Wednesday 5 June opens with Fabrice Fasilow of AGC Glass Europe outlining his company's decarbonation pathway towards net zero emissions.

This is followed by a look at refractory performance in decarbonised glass furnaces by Dr Rhiannon Webster of DSF Refractories & Minerals; a thermodynamics analysis of oxy-combustion versus regenerative combustion by Wolf Kuhn of Fives Glass; and a contribution from Sven-Roger Kahl of Ardagh Glass.

The post-lunch session begins with Ernesto Cattaneo of Stara Glass presenting a view of what the future hydrogen fuelled glass furnaces may look like.

Then Christian Rabinger of CelSian looks at the contribution of tuning raw materials; Benjamin Koster of Hotwork International examines carbon reduction technologies; and Dr Masimba Toperescu of Glass Futures describes various carbon reduction technologies.

Attendees can then take a tour of the Glass Futures facility.

Day one concludes with the dinner in honour of Geoff Evans.

Thursday 6 June begins with a look at improved process automation for regenerators by Neil Simpson FSGT of Simpson Combustion and the use of camera systems, batch monitoring and control technology by, Erik Muijsenberg FSGT of Glass Service; both will then take questions on instrumentation to support furnace operations.

Reducing carbon emissions in refractory production using dopant-additive technologies to enable lower temperature sintering is explained by Dr Jafar Daji of Parkinson-Spencer Refractories.

The implementation of Dilujet Swing FH oxy-burners for heat transfer and CO2 reduction is discussed by Jaoquin de Diego Rincon of Nippon Gases.

A speaker from Şişecam examines furnace design and decarbonisation. Regenerator design optimisation and monitoring solutions to maximize and maintain furnace energy efficiency is looked at by SEFPRO.

The final presentation of the meeting is on electric forehearths by Stuart Hakes HonFSGT of FIC UK.

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