Frank Ebersbach joins futronic and fills his predecessor Wolfgang Lachmann’s shoes as Head of Development in Germany.

Mr Ebersbach will be responsible for all of futronic’s software and hardware development in the container glass division, as well as automating customised applications with embedded systems.

Managing Director of futronic, Michael Preuss said: “We’re convinced that Frank Ebersbach is the right man for the job.

“He’ll step into those [Wolfgang Lachmann’s] footsteps very quickly and get the company ahead from both a strategic and a technology point of view.”

The 38-year-old’s duties include the further development and optimisation of successful controls and drives for the container glass machinery and equipment. For example, drink bottles, glass jars or perfume bottles.

He said: “futronic is one of the leading suppliers in this field.

I want to help secure our company’s cutting edge in the long term in the face of global competition.”

He will oversee projects to automate customised applications with so-called embedded systems. The aim is to create even more new and innovative products under his aegis.

Mr Ebersbach was born in Leipzig and grew up in Tettnang. He has been actively involved in animal welfare issues in the local region for many years now. When he’s not helping to protect animals, he likes to spend his spare time out and about in the countryside.

After launching his career at a producer of special-purpose machines, he then spent ten years working as an engineer at a major international supplier of sensor and automation solutions based in Tettnang.

He started work at futronic on 1 December. Since joining the firm, he’s been learning the ropes of the business and getting to know his team of 13.

In addition to his extensive development, manufacturing and quality assurance know-how, which he gained during both of these periods, he can also draw on experience in technical sales and leadership positions. These skills will stand him in good stead in his new assignment dealing with customers and production.