futronic has been awarded the contract to modernise the glassworks of the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL), including the installation of the machine control system and servo technology.

Installation and commissioning are scheduled for January 2022. The plan is for several representatives from the customer’s organisation to travel to Tettnang in parallel for training at futronic, the pandemic permitting.

The order comprises almost the entire futronic portfolio of control and drive systems for IS ma-chines with up to 24 sections: the package’s core items are a futronic FMT24S machine control system and an FDU24S servo drive.

As part of the project, a major European plant and equipment manufacturer will supply a completely new IS machine.

The drives for the servo take-outs (STO24S), 2-axis pushers (PDU24S) and servo inverts (SIU24S) will likewise be furnished by the control system specialist and housed in a total of five control cabinets.

Last but not least, an FMT training module will double as a supply of spare parts.

“We’re very proud to have succeeded in convincing the customer of our products and our expertise”, said Murat Yolaçan, Sales Engineer at futronic and the man responsible for the project.

The two production lines at TTL have also worked with EPRO control systems until now.

“We have an excellent reputation there”, Mr Yolaçan added.

“All the same, it’s not every day that we can gain a competitive edge over such big players in such an extensive refurbishment project.”

Mr Yolaçan is now hoping that the project will have a lighthouse effect throughout the Asian market.

“There are an awful lot of glassworks that are due to be modernised in the next few years. This contract is a chance to show how our controls are ideal for controlling machines from different manufacturers.”