One of the industry’s talking points of revent months has been the subject of Industry 4.0. The term encompasses many subjects including Big Data, the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

It is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Using Industry 4.0 in a manufacturing plant will create a ‘Smart Factory’, say experts.

Industry commentators suggest the flat glass sector is far ahead of the hollow glass business in terms of Industry 4.0. In light of this, Glassman has organised a conference dedicated to this latest hot topic, called the Future Glass Forum.

It aims to clarify what is Industry 4.0 and will attempt to make sense of some of the confusing jargon associated with the term.

The event, titled Future Glass Forum, will include a number of glass industry suppliers will provide a selection of papers in Lyon at this free to attend conference.

Global engineering group Siemens will provide the keynote speech.

Other speakers confirmed include Erik Muijsenberg of Glass Service of the Czech Republic, Roger Knuttel of German company EME, Daniel Schippan of CM.Project.Ing, Rene Meuleman of Schneider-Electric, Ulas Topal; CEO of Vertech, Pascal Laurin of Bosch, and Heye International.