Şişecam hosted the leading names of the world glass industry at the 36th Şişecam Glass Symposium with the theme “Glass is Future”.

The digital Symposium which was held with the participation of 608 glass professionals attracted attention from students, academicians, industry professionals and scientists.

The future, sustainability and new technologies of the industry were among topics discussed.

Şişecam Chairman Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman gave an opening speech about the critical role of glass in human life at the Symposium.

“Making glass has been one of the most important and impactful developments throughout recorded human history.

“Glass has proven to be one of the key enablers of modern human civilisation.

“Our understanding of glass has grown exceptionally in the last two centuries followed by groundbreaking innovations.

“With its culture of innovation, advanced production capabilities and expertise in corporate R&D that dates back 50 years, Şişecam adds value to life by its solutions and practices" Prof. Kırman said.

Şişecam CEO Görkem Elverici addressed the effects of the pandemic and the role of glass in terms of R&D and sustainability.

“As indispensable as it is in its conventional use, glass, embodying unmatched properties of transparency, formability, hardness, inertness, low cost and availability is presenting itself as the key ingredient in a wide range of new and novel applications. Therefore, Glass is future” Elverici said.

Şişecam Chief R&D and Quality Officer Dr. Reha Akçakaya drew attention to the fact that the glass industry, which provides long-term value with its constantly developing and expanding usage areas, promises endless potential in creating a sustainable future.

“‘2022 International Year of Glass’ will be very important for all of us. Next year we have to work harder for increasing the awareness of glass.” Dr. Akçakaya said.

President of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) Prof. Alicia Duran was one of the keynote speakers of the event.

Prof. Duran gave a speech about "The United Nations International Year of Glass-2022" at the plenary session of the event.

As part of the symposium, 13 papers in 3 sessions were presented.