Turkish manufacturer GCA is aiming for a new glass packaging landmark in 2024.

The currently exports to all continents, with a focus on North America, South America, and Europe, and aims to increase the number of countries to 50 with its glass products.

Dr. Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA, said: "As GCA, we have reached the point of exporting to all continents with our glass bottle and glass jar products in the food and beverage categories.

“We presently export to over 40 countries. In the last year, we expanded our export markets to include Central America, South America, and Mexico.

“Our quality products, customer-oriented approach, and participation in various fairs are all factors that have contributed to our success. Every month, we attend the leading food and beverage fairs.

“At this point, I believe that international fairs play a significant part in establishing new connections and potential collaborations. We are currently conducting extensive research in the framework of advantageous regions as a new potential export location."

Gayret emphasised that by collaborating with their business partners at every opportunity, they will increase the share of exports in total business.

He added: “We are effectively carrying out projects that will carry the glass packaging industry in our country forward with the effective and sustainable studies we carry out in the field of R&D.

“In our factories, where cutting-edge technology is used at every stage, all production processes are automated. We continue to invest with the goal of becoming a brand that capitalises on the sector's digital trends.”