GCA has launched two recycling projects in Türkiye to reintroduce recyclable waste into the economy and leave a cleaner environment for future generations.

EKOMAT Project

The EKOMAT project contributes to sustainability with the financial support of GCA and Park Cam, and the waste management organisation of the Bircam Foundation.

Launched on June 17, 2022, the project recycled a total of 1,239,148 packaging waste items in its first nine months, using deposit return machines to ensure 100% recycling of glass, plastic, and metal beverage packaging.

This amounted to carbon footprint savings of 3,048 kg (of CO2), energy consumption savings of 71,958 kWh, and storage area savings to 342m2.

GCA awarded the top 12 individuals who contributed the most to recycling through the 33 EKOMAT deposit return machines in the pilot city of Yalova, as well as the GCA and LAV production facilities in Kütahya and GCA and LAV marketing offices in Istanbul.

The awards and certificates were presented by GCA General Manager Dr Abdullah Gayret.

In addition to carbon and energy savings, over 100 tons of natural resource consumption was prevented in the first nine months, as well as 201 barrels of oil consumption.

GCA Primary School Education Project

In co-operation with the ÇEVKO Foundation, GCA implemented a recycling project at Kütahya Ağaçköy Primary School, in Türkiye.

The GCA Recycling Detectives Primary School Education Project informs students about the importance of protecting the environment and recycling, and aims to raise awareness about packaging waste.

Dr Abdullah Gayret said: "It is of great importance for our world to fulfil our fundamental responsibility towards nature and other living things by preventing environmental pollution.”

He continued: “GCA carry out works that is beneficial to nature and the environment with our sustainability projects. We know that glass helps us to protect our habitat, land and nature as it is an infinitely recyclable material. It is the common responsibility of all of us to clean the environment, protect our living spaces and protect green.

"Clean surroundings create a clean society. With this project, I hope that students will grow up as individuals who have developed environmental awareness and acknowledgment of their social responsibilities by raising their awareness of recycling.”