German recycling companies Reiling and Schirmbeck have joined forces to build a glass recycling plant in the Czech Republic.

To meet the ever-growing challenges of the European glass industry, Schirmbeck and Reiling founded a joint company last year, the Czech ‘SR Glass Recycling’.

The company owns a site in the Chomutov region, where the new glass recycling plant is being built.

Both companies hold an equal 50% stake in the company.

Stefan Schirmbeck, Managing Director of Schirmbeck, said he was delighted that both companies were taking this step together, and believed the plant would set a new standard in the Czech Republic with its advanced technology.

The project will help to reduce long transport routes, and therefore costs and CO2, as both companies already collect glass in the Czech Republic.

Until now, this glass has been imported to Germany and processed in the companies’ glass recycling plants before being exported back to the Czech Republic. These routes can therefore be avoided in future.

Marc Uphoff, Managing Director of Reiling, explained why the joint project had great potential.

He said important glass plants from the hollow glass, flat glass, glass wool and foam glass sectors, all of which used cullet in their production, were located a short distance from the site.

In addition, he said the glass factories welcomed the fact that they would be supplied with high-quality cullet from their region in the future.

Schirmbeck and Reiling also assessed the Eastern European and Czech markets as very positive, and believed they could participate in the growth with the new plant.

For example, Vetropack’s melting tank for hollow glass has just been put into operation in Kyjov.

In addition, the good connection to metropolitan areas for the acquisition of hollow glass from municipal collections was also crucial for the choice of location.