Gerresheimer has been successfully producing glass with a high proportion of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material for over 10 years in Momignies, Belgium.

From 2020, Gerresheimer will also begin producing glass with a higher proportion of recycled glass at its Tettau site in Germany.

By using recycled glass, new high-quality cosmetics packaging can be produced, thus helping preserve natural resources.

“We have been using recycled glass for cosmetic packaging for over 10 years now, making us market pioneers,” says Nicola Balena, General Manager at Gerresheimer Momignies.

“Our recycled glass packaging has won over many of our customers seeking to improve their packaging sustainability without trade-offs.

"We are committed to the circular economy and only produce cosmetics packaging with a high post-consumer recycled glass content. We are ahead of the market in this respect.”

Gerresheimer has developed glass for cosmetics packaging that has the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material available today.

The clear-glass furnace in Momignies turns recycled glass into cosmetic glass around the clock and the whole year. The Tettau site will follow suit from 2020 onward.

Gerresheimer has worked hard to reduce the proportion of raw materials (sand, calcium oxide, and sodium carbonate) used in its clear glass to just 45% of the materials melted in the furnace.

The glass composition has been audited and certified by Belgian company RDC environment, which also completed a full life cycle assessment (LCA) of Gerresheimer’s recycled glass.

This LCA was then reviewed by Quantis, expert in sustainability for cosmetics packaging.