Gerresheimer has boosted its global glass and plastic production capabilities with advanced facilities in India.

Glass production was updated at the company’s Kosamba site with state-of-the-art, sustainable furnace technology.

Gerresheimer installed the latest Type I Borosilicate melting furnace for flint and amber glass production using cross-fired oxygen technology. The melting furnace also has an increased portion of electric heating to melt the company’s new Barium free type I glass formulation.

The furnace is further equipped with the latest production machines, including sensitive inspection equipment to comply with Gerresheimer’s moulded glass production standards.

Stefan Rieder, Global Senior Vice President of Commercial Moulded Glass, said: “With this technology, we will substantially enhance our product quality and address additional market segments.”

A new modern plant to produce high quality plastic containers and closures was also built at the Kosamba site. The innovations in glass and plastic were both ceremonially commissioned by Gerresheimer management in April (see above).

By adding capacities in India, Gerresheimer intends to ensure consistent supply for critical pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities supporting increased packaging demand and public health.