Gerresheimer has invested in a multi-fuel oxygen furnace at its German plant in Tettau, Bavaria.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics glass manufacturer replaced one of two furnaces at its Tettau plant.

The new multi-fuel oxygen furnace will allow for more sustainable container glass production.

In particular, the use of green electricity, which in the future will account for up to 50% of the energy input, will make a significant contribution to reducing the CO2 emissions from production.

Kay Rohn, Managing Director of Gerresheimer Tettau, said: "Against the backdrop of the current economic and geopolitical situation, Gerresheimer is sending a strong signal for a successful future with this investment in more sustainable technology.

“We believe in glass as a future-oriented packaging solution and are committed to the expansion of the Tettau plant.”

At the plant, Gerresheimer employs approximately 600 people and produces over 700 million glass containers a year.

As part of its global sustainability strategy, the Gerresheimer group has set itself the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 50% until 2030 compared with 2019.