Gerresheimer will complete its product portfolio of prefillable syringes made of glass and plastics with an integrated, passive syringe safety solution, acquired through an exclusive licence from West Pharmaceutical Services.

“As a result of our long-standing partnership with the leading manufacturer of packaging components and delivery devices for parenteral drugs we are pleased to have acquired the rights to market this new syringe safety solution, developed by West,” said Uwe Röhrhoff, CEO of Gerresheimer AG.

The solution is compatible with Gerresheimer’s ready-to-fill (RTF) syringe portfolio. The solution is fully integrated and will be assembled on the syringe in the run of the RTF production process.

It is compliant with standard nests and tubs, which enables the pharmaceutical company to use the standard filling process.

The high amount of needlestick-related injuries among healthcare workers has led to increasing demand for safety solutions. International regulation has paved the way for more safety for healthcare workers and patients.

The new Gerresheimer integrated safety syringe will address this market need by offering improved syringe processability and high-end user friendliness.

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