As part of the branding strategy of the recently formed Helix Group, the UK’s Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) Training has been renamed Helix Training.

The company will deliver the same level of excellent service as before, aiming to add more benefits and exciting new features for companies in the glass and glazing industry.

The Helix Group was formed in 2016 by GGF to harness the resources and talents of all the GGF's subsidiary companies.

Along with FENSA, GGFi, Borough IT, RISA and BFRC, Helix Training will add to the collective services the Helix Group offers to the industry.

Jon Vanstone, Helix Group CEO commented on the introduction of Helix Training:

"We are incredibly proud of what GGF Training achieved since it was launched at the end of 2013.

“From the development of a successful MTC (Minimal Technical Competency) programme to an ambitious and continually evolving syllabus of industry training, there is a lot of potential for future opportunity.

“We believe that with the support of Helix Group, Helix Training will be able to reach this potential, having a greater impact on the broader home improvement market."

Helix Training will be based with the rest of Helix Group at the new GGF Offices in Rushworth Street, London.

Helix Training is still run by the team behind GGF Training, and will continue to deliver their services with the same passion, drive and level of excellence as before.

The start of 2017 sees the addition of a number of business courses offered in conjunction with the Building Merchants Federation (BMF).

These courses are in addition to the existing training offered by Helix Training; Fire Resistant Glazing and Manual Handling, delivered in partnership with the GGF and Pristine Condition respectively.

The Helix Group and the subsidiary companies under its umbrella remain wholly owned by the GGF, who will take a step sideways from subsidiary activity in order to focus fully on the needs of members.