Glass for Europe says the European Commission’s ‘European Green Deal’ sets a new horizon that Europe’s flat glass sector looks forward to with enthusiasm and cautious optimism.

Glass for Europe’s Secretary General, Bertrand Cazes declared: “Europe’s flat glass sector is ready to support these new climate and sustainability ambitions with its best-in-class manufacturing installations and its high-performance products, which enable the decarbonisation of buildings and cars and the deployment of solar energy.”

The launch a new renovation initiative in 2020 coupled with the rigorous implementation of high energy-performance standards for buildings will be instrumental to ensure that a doubling of building renovation rates delivers the expected energy savings.

In the mobility sector, Glass for Europe also welcomes the announcement that CO2 emission performance standards for vehicles will be revised in 2021.

The flat glass sector has solutions ready to be used for Europe to rapidly cut its CO2 emissions.

“The daunting task is now to operationalize the European Green Deal. We must get things right”, concluded Mr Cazes.

Glass for Europe will unveil its ‘2050 vision for the flat glass sector’ next month to engage in a dialogue with European authorities on an informed and constructive basis.