Glass Futures will discuss the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for glass furnaces during a forthcoming conference.

Its Innovation Programme Manager, Dr Palma González García (below), will provide a presentation on June 16 at 10.30 BST at the Hydrogen in Glass digital conference.

Dr Palma González García is leading the Glass Futures’ Industrial Fuel Switching (IFS) Phase 3 programme, funded by BEIS.

The project aims to research the economic, environmental and technical aspects of a range of alternative fuels to enable the decarbonisation of the glass sector.

Hydrogen, as one of the explored alternative fuels, is considered by Glass Futures as a key enabler for the transition to a low carbon glass industry.

The many different facets of hydrogen in glass furnaces are being explored in the IFS programme, from the combustion properties of the gas to the effects of hydrogen in gas melts.

The Hydrogen in Glassmaking conference takes place June 15 and 16 online. For more information visit