Decarbonisation, innovation, energy transition and supply chain were among the topics at the first Glass Night event, organised by La Glass Vallée.

The Glass Night included four round table discussions, an exhibition of perfume bottles as well as plenty of networking among the 150 delegates.

Guests were from the glass manufacturing industry as well as various other glass-related stakeholders, which was held at the Cloud Business Center in Paris at the end of November.

Among the speakers were Mrs Irène Gosset, President of the Pochet group, who gave an opening speech, as well as Dr. Corinne Claireaux, Glass scientist at Celsian, Benoît Marszalek, director of operations for the bottling division of Pochet du Courval, Frédéric Rougevin-Baville, head of glass development at Verescence, François Deblock, director of Glass development by SGD Pharma and Frédéric Dupuis, R&D director of Saverglass, who all participated in the Decarbonisation of the Glass Industry panel discussion.

Other speakers on the agenda included Stephane Franconville, President of MG Group,, Valérie Tellier - President of the ValFi Group & President of La Glass Vallée, as well as Sébastien Guche - Supply-chain Director at Zignago Vetro Brosse.

The various topics were moderated by Jean-Paul Judson, and aroused a lot of interest. All the actors of the glass value chain were present to discuss the challenges facing the luxury bottle industry.

The highlighting of synergies and co-operations was the order of the day, competition was put aside to leave room for a united sector facing the challenges.

La Glass Vallée will renew its event every other year.

La Glass Vallée, is an association which was created in 2001 and brings together companies involved in luxury bottles, mainly in the Bresle Valley between Le Tréport and Feuquières in the Oise but also around Dieppe and throughout France.

Its board of directors is representative of the various activities (model makers, foundries, mould makers, glassmakers, sorters, decorators or finishers, plastics processors, craftsmen and related activities) and includes 65 companies.