Erik Muijsenberg, Vice President of the Czech Republic’s Glass Service, will be a keynote speaker at the forthcoming 12th AFPG 2020 meeting

The meeting, organized by the Ceramics Society of Japan, will be held online on December 8 as a result of Covid-19 and can be attended by anyone in the world.

Mr. Muijsenberg will talk about Recent Trends in the European Glass Industry. He will explain how Europe is handling CO2 reduction requirements with strong investments into renewable energy and how the first offered Horizontal Hot Top Electric Hybrid Melter (H2EM) presented by Glass Service and and F.I.C. can help the industry achieve those goals.

Glass Service’s daughter company, FlammaTec, already has hydrogen burners available to add into this concept. In the second part of the talk he will explain how Europe has embraced Industry 4.0 and how the GS Expert System ES III brings it into the forefront of applications for almost all major glassmakers in Europe. In in Germany about 50% of all glass furnaces have ES III in operation for eample

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