Hegla has appointed an additional Managing Director and authorised signatories.

Hegla, based in Beverungen, Germany, appointed Dr Heinrich Ostendarp as Managing Director. He joined the existing Board of Management members, Jochen H Hesselbach and Bernhard Hötger.

Mr Hötger said: “We are very pleased that in Dr Ostendarp, we have been able to bring on board a person highly respected throughout the industry, who is familiar with glass as a production material and with its processing, as well as knowing the customer requirements for our solutions first hand.”

Dr Ostendarp will be taking on oversight responsibility for Technology Production, Supply Chain & Logistics and IT.

Mr Hötger said: “By assigning these extensive powers, we wish to further strengthen Hegla and set it on a course to continue its successful growth.”

Mr Hötger has taken over responsibility for Sales and Marketing. He will now focus on the strategic development of the subsidiaries. Jochen H Hesselbach will continue in his role of Chairman of the Board of Management.

Further senior members of staff have been appointed as authorised signatories. This includes Peter Böhmer as Head of Operational Sales, Stefan Reuter as Head of Technical Sales and Peter Hermann as Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Management, who have been authorised to represent the Hegla headquarters.

Peter Hermann has also been appointed as authorised signatory for Hegla Maschinenbau in Kretzschau and as co-signatory together with Dr Thomas Rainer as Head of Development at Hegla boraident for Hegla boraident in Halle, assuming joint responsibility for its future development.

Pictured: (Left to right) Peter Herrmann, Head of Supply Chain Management; Peter Böhmer, Head of Operational Sales; Stefan Reuter, Head of Technical Sales; Dr. Thomas Rainer, Head of Development at Hegla boraident; and Managing Director Bernhard Hötger.