Glass Technology Services (GTS) has agreed a collaborative partnership with Rockfield developed to give brand owners and manufacturers greater confidence in container glass design.

Announcing the partnership during a jointly hosted Expert Webinar, GTS and Rockfield have joined forces to offer an extensive service package including design assessments, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling and simulations, and physical testing following pilot trials.

While seeking to expand its offering with the inclusion of Finite Element Analysis, GTS approached Rockfield to offer customers a fully packaged service that takes them from an initial concept to a product ready for market.

Through its design assessment services, Glass Technology Services provides assessment and critique of glass product designs at early design, trial or production stages in order to advise upon design features that will influence the mechanical strength of the finished product.

Through the partnership, Rockfield will be providing Glass Technology Services’ customers with static and dynamic stress assessments and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) via their Elfen software.

Commenting on the partnership, Gareth Jones Operations and Commercial Director at GTS said: “Brand owners and packaging designers don’t always know the scope of what is possible and so the package offering is unique – providing initial analysis of concept designs and simulation, followed by physical testing.

“Collectively it can reduce lead times and costs associated with redesigns, minimise risks such as filling line downtime, product failure with the consumer and potential recalls.

“Ultimately, the packages are designed to provide confidence in the end product and cost savings throughout.”

Rockfield established the Elfen Glass Design modelling software - a suite of numerical modelling programs which are designed to provide glassmakers with support tools to aid in the design, production and quality control of glass containers.

John Cain Chief Executive Officer at Rockfield, said: “After working with the Glass container manufacturing sector for over 25 years, this partnership closes the loop on the workflow for glass manufacturers to have a scientific involvement from both Glass Technology Services and Rockfield.

“Together we can provide an initial design assessment and physical testing of containers complimented by virtual simulation models to mitigate design issues highlighted by the client or Glass Technology Services and provide confidence in moving forward with problematic designs and/or new conceptual designs from the initial forming of the container right through to impact stresses found on the conveyor and filling line.

The full packages are available to view on the GTS website and are available at four levels making the services accessible to small or large organisations.