The British Society of Scientific Glassblowers has awarded a trainee the AD Wood Cup in recognition of her excellence in scientific glassblowing.

Trainee Glassblower Eloise Alsop of York, UK-based company YorLab demonstrated her craftsmanship by creating a set piece (McLeod gauge) as evidence of best practice.

The entire work had to be done without the aid of a lathe. The AD Wood Cup is awarded to glassblowers with up to three years’ experience in scientific glassblowing.

YorLab Head Glassblower Tony Mercer was also successful at the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers annual awards, winning the David Flack Memorial Trophy for the second year in a row after demonstrating his artistic ability creating a glass steam train.

YorLab is a supplier of laboratory equipment, consumables, chemicals and specialist manufacturers of scientific and bespoke glassware.

The company also offers an equipment repair and maintenance service both in house and on site.