Glassman Europe helped secure television and newspaper coverage for French glass companies.

Both O-I’s Labegude site and Iris Inspection Machines were featured in a report on French regional television channel FR3 Rhone-Alpes.

The five-minute news article included a visit to the O-I Labegude site located in the Ardeche region of France and an interview with Gilles Martin, its Plant Manager, who discussed the glassmaking process.

Later in the news article, Jean Luc Logel, CEO of Lyon’s Iris Inspection Machines, discussed the regional glassmaking industry and its economic importance.

The programme was aired on the regional news channel on the evening of Tuesday May 5 – the day before the beginning of the Glassman event.

The Lyon-based newspaper press also reported on the regional glassmaking industry and included interviews with Mr Logel, O-I’s Executive Country Head for France, Francois Pierrot, and Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General of European container association FEVE.

The link (courtesy of FR3 Rhone-Alpes) to the television programme (in French) is available at

The link to the newspaper coverage is here: