Combined trade show and conference Glassman USA opened its doors to the glass manufacturing industry yesterday (Tuesday).

Executives from the US and Mexican glass manufacturing sector visited the show which took place in Cleveland, OH, USA.

Among those to visit were delegations from Ardagh and O-I from the container sector, Libbey from the tableware glass sector as well as guests from IVC and Saverglass Mexican container glass manufacturers.

The show was officially opened by Graham Womersley of Pennine Industrial Equipment, a supplier of glass industry chains and sprockets based in the UK.

The trade show includes more than 65 companies which supply technology and know-how to the global glass manufacturing sector.

These technology companies focused on all aspects of the glass production sector, from hot end to cold and and includes processes such as batch plant, furnaces, forming, annealing, inspection and palletising.

They are from countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Mexico and Turkey.

Alongside the trade show is a two day conference focused on all aspects of glass. Opening speaker Bryan Vickers of the Glass Packaging Institute provided an overview of the glass container market in the USA and also focused on some of the legislation impacting on the market.

It was followed by presentations from Novohydrogen, Linde, Pneumofore and BDF Industries.

The conference continues today (Wednesday) with papers from Fives, Horn, Convergent, Glass Futures, Rath and Fuchs.

Day one concluded with a networking visit to the baseball game between the Cleveland Guardians and Boston Red Sox.

The show concludes today.