Glaston Group has closed a deal for an insulating glass (IG) line with Portuguese glass processor Maxividro.

Glaston obtained a large Bystronic glass B’Jumbo IG line in Q2/2019 and will be delivered during the last quarter of 2019.

The line is over 100m and is one of the largest IG lines Bystronic glass has ever built.

Founded in 1994, Maxividro has said to be at the forefront of innovation with regular monitoring of equipment and technology playing an important role.

In addition to its home market, Maxividro has actively approached export markets, which nowadays represent over 50% of its sales to destinations such as Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada.

Bystronic glass’ B‘Jumbo Flex 330 IG manufacturing line has maximum dimensions of 3.3m high and 9m wide for insulating glass units.

In addition to its maximum size, another customised feature is the synchronised spacer application that enables Maxividro to manufacture high quality both rectangular and shaped IG units in continuous production.

Special glass and minimal frame Panoramah! Windows will be produced on the new line.

Pekka Hytti, Senior Vice President, Region EMEA, Glaston Group, said: "Today glass plays an important part in architectural projects.

“In addition to aesthetic values, the use of glass enables energy savings, noise reduction and increased safety, adding up to heightened comfort of the buildings.”