The Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) has launched a grant programme to support student tours of glass manufacturing facilities.

US-based GMIC is accepting applications from higher education institutions for grants to support glass manufacturing facility tours.

The glass manufacturing industry faces challenges in attracting capable, technically trained students to a career in glass manufacturing.

GMIC has found that students become more interested in glassmaking careers after they tour glass manufacturing facilities and glass melting and forming on an industrial scale.

To encourage such tours, GMIC is making available grants to underwrite the expenses incurred by higher education institutions that offer glass manufacturing tours.

"Student tours of manufacturing facilities provide a view behind the scenes of the highly diverse opportunities in the glass industry," said GMIC President Martin H. Goller, of Corning.

"They provide a spark for unexpected career paths and provide a great opportunity to learn the broad needs of engineering and manufacturing skills that are in demand in our field."


Grants are available to post high school education institutions, such as universities and colleges.

Grants are for tours of glass manufacturing facilities. Such facilities would include industrial glass melting and forming plants, as well as glass technical centres.

Tours that include museum visits must also include industrial facility tours.

Students may be of any technical major, such as materials science, mechanical engineering, glass, etc. Students may be of any class level, such as freshman, senior, or graduate.

Applications must be filled out electronically online at

Applicants must have obtained permission to tour facilities in advance of submitting proposals. Deadline for applications is noon (eastern time) on Monday, November 4, 2019.