Grenzebach founder Rudolf Grenzebach and his daughter Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller unveiled Grenzebach's new "365 Days Grenzebach World" during a ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Hamlar, Germany.

The Grenzebach World provides enough space for a permanent showroom with exhibits from real customer cases and research projects as well as innovative prototypes from all business segments.

The Grenzebach Innovation Center also contains several training rooms, a workshop and a virtual and augmented reality cell.

The automation specialist will be offering virtual tours, accompanying online seminars or customer meetings in a planned "Grenzebach Studio".

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the opening ceremony took place on a smaller scale.

Afterwards, the founding family and the management of the Grenzebach Group went on a first tour through the year-round showroom.

Mr Grenzebach said: "The Grenzebach World combines exhibits and innovations from all our business units under one roof.

“This place shows the combined power of Grenzebach: courage, innovation and team spirit. I’m pleased to see various technologies we have created in over 60 years of our company history.”

The company has invested four months of planning and over 2,500 hours of work in the Grenzebach World.

Grenzebach has plans to make a “365 Days Grenzebach World" at other locations of the group with plans already in progress.

The Grenzebach World will also be expanded with the "Grenzebach Academy" in the future.

This teaching and learning platform will combine online courses with hands-on workshops and on-site training.