Grupo Modelo has ordered an IS machine from FAMA for Nueva Fábrica Nacional de Vidrio container glass manufacturing facility, located at Mexico City.

The 10-section triple gob machine will be started-up in the first week of April as part of a turn key project, which will see FAMA deliver, install and start-up the machine.

Jose Huerta, General Manager at Grupo Modelo’s Nueva Fábrica Nacional de Vidrio plant said: “Grupo Modelo is committed to the environment and is looking for strategic partners with the same vision.”

Luis Zertuche, Director of Sales and Marketing at FAMA said: “For us it's a great success, we have been talking to Grupo Modelo for two years now and we are very proud to supply them with this machinery.

“Grupo Modelo is a prestigious customer and very well known both in Mexico and the world, so we hope it is the start of a very long relationship between our two companies. FAMA is confident we can deliver the quality of services that they require.”

“We have been trying to penetrate the market for two years and have been working very hard to position ourselves as an alternative option to the existing companies that provide moulds, IS machines, engineering services and technical services, so for us it’s excellent news.”

FAMA, based in Monterrey, Mexico had previously sold Grupo Modelo moulds and participated in some minor jobs for the glassmaker. But this is the first time Grupo Modelo has ordered such a large item of equipment from FAMA.

The machine will produce beer bottles at an approximate speed of 375 Bottles per minute.

FAMA celebrated its 75th anniversary in February. An interview with Mr. Zertuche was published in the February 2018 issue of Glass International.

FAMA will also be exhibiting at the Glassman Latin America event in Guadalajara, Mexico this week on March 21-22, Stand C08.