Glass Technology Services (GTS) will be speaking at the upcoming Ravenscroft Innovation Lecture 2015, on the 18th February 2015 in London.

In his forthcoming lecture, Rob Ireson, Innovation Team Leader at GTS, will highlight how glass has shaped the way we currently live and the potential of glass to transform the future.

He will highlight the exciting innovation, research and development currently underway in the field of glass science.

The Ravenscroft Innovation Lecture is organised by the Master of the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London, one of the City’s ancient Livery companies, and is sponsored by Bryan Cave LLP and Glass Technology Services Ltd.

To be held at the glass offices of Bryan Cave LLP (pictured) on the 18 February 2015, the evening lecture commences with a drinks reception and tickets are available to all interested parties.

Glass has already shaped our culture – including art, science, architecture, technology and even our language (‘codswallop’) – yet, is a material that is often taken for granted despite a growing reliance upon its unique properties.

Technologies and developments in biology, chemistry and astronomy are all reliant upon lenses, slides and glass apparatus, such as the smart-phone in your pocket; communicating over glass fibre optic infrastructure and through a glass screen; architecture; art; etc.

Rob will explore how glass-based technologies might transform the way we live and interact with the world as scientific capabilities and funding start to unravel its mysteries.

Tickets for the 2015 Ravenscroft Innovation Lecture, which are available to all interested parties, can be purchased at £25 through Eventbrite - please visit