Guardian’s SunGuard High Durable Silver 70 changes the look of float glass by creating a highly reflective surface in an exceptionally neutral and transparent glass.

This makes the façade appear brighter as the glass reflects and disperses the suns light. The Shard in London was one of the first buildings of its kind to use a type of glass similar to SunGuard High Durable Silver 70 to illuminate the façade. Utilising natural daylight, the glass coating disperses the sun’s rays in different angles providing an almost diamond like appearance.

Unlike many architectural glass, the primary function of this glass isn’t energy saving. With a light transmission of 70%, a solar factor of 72% and no Low E incorporated in the coating layer stack, the HD Silver 70 glass is all about the look.

With an external reflection of 27% and a light transmission of 70%, the HD Silver 70 dramatically increases the reflection without impairing the view through the glass. This is a new design trend, and the ideal application is in double skin facades, where the HD Silver 70 characterises the building in the outer skin with solar control and thermal performance provided by the inner skin.