The furnace at Guardian Glass' Bascharage, Luxembourg plant is on schedule to be operational in Q4 2023 after a cold tank repair.

The oven will be the most energy efficient Guardian Glass furnace.

Once put into operation, the furnace is expected to be more than 25% more energy efficient.

The furnace will also provide extra capacity for the plant to be able to produce both Guardian ExtraClear float glass and Guardian UltraClear low-iron float glass.

The installation of a transferred laminated glass line is also expected to be completed in Q4 2023.

Guus Boekhoudt, Guardian Glass Executive Vice President said: “We invested in the latest melting technology to provide our customers with the most advanced glass products, while using fewer resources.”

The Bascharage plant already hosts a coater that produces Guardian ClimaGuard low-emissivity (low-E) and Guardian SunGuard coated solar control glass for residential and commercial applications.

Boekhoudt added: “Having all these assets consolidated on one site in Luxembourg, close to many of our key customers, will improve our service offering and underlines our long-term commitment to them and the glass industry.”

Bernard Gheysen, Guardian Glass Bascharage Plant Manager said: “I am very proud of the team here – everyone has gone the extra mile on this project. We are excited about the new opportunities it opens, as well as grateful for the strong support we have received from the Luxembourg authorities.”