Primarily designed for architectural projects, Guardian's SNX 50/23 is a triple silver coated glass which lets in twice the amount of natural daylight compared to solar heat gain.

This creates a naturally lit environment inside the building without being compromised by excessive solar heat gain, which can cause overheating.

SNX 50/23 is the second triple silver coating in the SunGuard eXtra Selective glass series.

With a light transmission of 50% and a solar factor of just 23%, SNX 50/23 has a selectivity ratio of 2.17, which demonstrates that the glazing reflects over twice the amount of solar heat away from the glass compared to the natural daylight it lets in.

This whilst also reduces solar heat gains, which can often result in a need for mechanical cooling.

This is currently the leading selectivity ratio on the market.

Ideal for any glazing application where natural daylight is a necessity and reducing solar factor is essential, the new SNX 50/23 is available in both annealed and heat-treatable versions allowing it to be fabricated into units that meet all building regulation requirements.